How to install N360 DR


The following requirements must be met in order to use Netcetera Cloud Connect 

  • Veeam Backup & Replication v8 or v9 must be installed at your site

  • Firewall port 6180 must be allowed with TCP/UDP from your Veeam server to the Netcetera Cloud Gateway

Cloud Connect environment

This feature enables us to act as a backup target for your Veeam Backup or for your Veeam backup copy jobs. You are able to simply add Netcetera as a service provider and use our storage as your repository as though it were your own, local repository. Offsite backup for virtual machines has never been so easy and simple! Using the steps below, you can have this setup in less than 5 minutes.

Add Netcetera to your Veeam Infrastructure

To add your Netcetera repository to your Veeam Environment please follow the next steps:

Click "Add Service Provider"

Add "" in the DNS field and add a description

Select “Add” and input your credentials (sent to you via email)

You will see the assigned storage capacity and click "Next"

Update the configuration database then click "Next"

Click "Finish" to add the repository to your environment

Configure a Backup Copy Job to the Netcetera Cloud

To create a backup job with Netcetera's Cloud Connect as your target please follow the following steps:

Create a backup copy job

Name the job and set how often copies are created   

Add the Virtual Machines from your backup job

Select and click “Add”

Once added, click "Next" to continue

Select the cloud repository as the target and configure the amount of restore points. You'll also have the option to include a "G-F-S" Scheme

Choose "Direct" or WAN accelerator

Configure when to copy the data to the cloud.

Confirm by clicking "Finish"


WAN Acceleration

WAN accelerators are an optional component in the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure, you can contact your dedicated Netcetera account manager or request via the email address to get this provisioned.

If you require a WAN accelerator, you’ll need to have Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise edition (the version may be subject to change so please confirm with your Veeam distributor if you are unsure).

WAN accelerators in the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure run the same services and perform the same role as WAN accelerators in a regular backup infrastructure. When configuring backup copy jobs, users can choose to exchange data over a direct channel or communicate with the cloud repository via WAN accelerators. To pass VM data via WAN accelerators, you must configure WAN accelerators in the following manner:

  • The source WAN accelerator is configured in your environment; the accelerator is only available in certain license models

  • The target WAN accelerator is provided by Netcetera

During the backup copy job, Netcetera automatically assigns the necessary target WAN accelerator on the user side for the job.



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